Bumpa Gump
Bumpa Gump

More Thought ... Less Oxygen

Say what you mean and mean what you say with fewer words.

Bumpa Gump Books

"Oh, I wish I would have said that!"

A compendium of memorable quotations for the tongue-tied and forgetful. One-line zingers, snappy comebacks and witty observations for discerning conversationalists.  Handy reference guides for powder room philosophers.

Published in short runs, each volume is signed by the author and shipped directly to you. Less moolah for the middlemen, decent wages for the folks who do all the work.


Bumpa Gump Cards

Share a quote and support your local post office

Your favorite Bumpa Gump quotes on pre-printed cards!

■   Notecards: blank inside with envelopes

■   Honkin' Town Big Greeting Cards

■   Announcements: blank on back

■   Postcards

Bumpa Gump Stickers

Original Bumpa Gump products

"Stick It ... Stick It Good!"  

From the good old days before tweets and social media, these are the products that kept our business going and growing for decades.

■   Bumper stickers

■   Window Decals

■   Magnets

■   Mini Mags

Bumpa Gump Prints

From the Bumpa Gump archives

Shameless marketing of our tiny enterprise in a veritable plethora of sizes. Full color prints from original Bumpa Gump advertisements, and posters with quotes from the books, all suitable for framing.

■   Prints

■   Posters

■   Wall Art

■   Desk Art

One of a kind ... one at a time

Send us your favorite quote. We'll make something special just for you.

■   Collector's Edition book sets

■   Bookmarks

■   Gift tags

■   Wearables


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 The Bumpa Gump Story

"It was more than luck. This was the life I chose ... every single day."
Bumpa Gump

Bite-size philosophy anyone can remember.


We welcome words of wisdom from thoughtful folks just like you. Send us your original quotes or one-line zingers.  You'll receive all the credit and our sincerest thanks.  

No fortune, just fame.

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